French Cut Engagement Rings
French Cut Engagement Rings
French Cut Engagement Rings

When you think of a ‘French Cut’ diamond, you might think of one that was sourced or treated in France. In actuality, the name “French Cut” relates to the diamond’s form and design rather than the nation of origin. The French Cut is a more unusual cut that is rarely discussed in typical diamond guides. It has distinct qualities that make it absolutely distinctive. The distinctive “cross” depicted by the crown facets distinguishes them. French Cut stones are multidimensional square or rectangular stones created by maximizing the utilization of dodecahedral diamond crystals.

According to some jewelry experts, French cut engagement rings are getting popular among couples these days. Like radiant cut engagement rings, French cut diamonds are now becoming a favorite choice. In this article, we will take a look at the features of French cut diamond rings.

History Of French Diamonds

French cut diamonds date back to the 1400s. The name’s origin is unclear, although the most accepted theory is that the cut got its name due to its huge popularity in France when compared to other countries at one point in history. Table Cut Diamonds are regarded as the very first examples of faceted Diamonds, and French Cut Diamonds are a logical progression of the Table Cut.

Only very few faceting combinations endured the passage of time when it came to French Cuts. Given the unusual lack of evident allusions from previous literature, it appears likely that the moniker “The French Cut” was created in the twentieth century. If that’s the case, the French Cut appears to have developed in response to a demand for a simple and appealing cutting style for smaller diamonds. The French Cut is characterized by its ease of creation while producing a magnificent light play.

Benefits Of French Cut Diamonds

French Cut Diamonds have a distinct appearance that is currently lacking. They provide the missing middle ground – a stunning spectrum of medium-to-large blocky style light-return that is very dependent on the crown’s facet design.

French Cut Diamonds are currently used as a little accent or side stones to crown the main piece, as well as dangling gems, due to their 3D sculptural appearance, which provides visual brilliance in all directions.

When French cut diamonds are placed as bundles, they generate a look that is not present in generic cuts. They create the effect of little ice cubes encrusted in diamonds because of the nature of their exploding crown heights. The finest aspect is that their geometric patterns may be adjusted to fit even the most complex of designs.